Firts baby food (from 6 months)

The regular consumption of the fermented milk products is especially useful for children of all ages from 6 months and older since they satisfy the needs of the growing child's body in calcium, potassium, vitamins and minerals, and by protecting the intestinal microflora, they improve the appetite, metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Fermented milk products made on the basis of the starters VIVO perfectly fulfill this role since they are surely fresh, contain no additives and the carefully selected bacterial mixtures make them especially useful.

The bacterial starters VIVO are registered as a product for special dietary and children nutrition. They are officially authorized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for children aged 6 months and older.
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Acidolact VIVO

In one package - 2 bottles with yogurt starter. 1 bottle = 1 - 4 l yogurt.This culture is used for: ..

3.70€ Ex Tax: 3.06€

Bifivit VIVO

In one package - 2 bottles with yoghurt starter. 1 bottle = 1 - 4 L of yoghurt. This culture is..

3.70€ Ex Tax: 3.06€

Kefir VIVO

In one package - 2 bottles with kefir starter. 1 bottle = 1 - 4 L of kefir. This culture is use..

3.70€ Ex Tax: 3.06€