Warranty and Return


All the products that Consumer (a physical person that would like to buy or has bought, or thatcould buy or use a product or service for purposes which are not related to business or professional activity of the person) acquired on www.multicooker24.com have warranty within 2 years from the date of purchase. A guarantee specified by the manufacturer is provided for customers who are not consumers. 
If you state a defect in the product that you have purchased, we ask you to deliver it together with a guarantee and the documents confirming the purchase to an authorized service center or the manufacturer www.multicooker24.com office. If the manufacturer of the product that you have purchased has an authorized service center, we recommend you to contact the center's specialists, because in the case you contact www.multicooker24.com the time of solving the problem unfortunately will increase because of the need of physical delivery of the goods to the service center and back. The addresses and contact numbers of the authorized service centers are to be found on the warranty card that was issued to you and on the website of the manufacturer of the product.

Right to Return

You have the right to return the product without explaining the reason within fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery. In this case the product itself and the packaging of all covers must not be damaged. 

To use this right you must  inform us of your decision to return the purchased product. 

All Multicookers are always tested before sending, so be sure - you will receive a quality