Multi Cooker REDMOND RMC-M4510


Discover more possibilities for culinary creativity with the new “MASTERCHIEF LITE” function! While “MULTICOOK” allows setting a programme parameters before it starts, then “MASTERCHIEF LITE” allows adjustments during the cooking process.


The REDMOND RMC-M4510 comes with 13 automatic programs. All programs are focused on a specific way of handling the food or type of food. Many of the programs offer manual time adjustment (of 5-10 minutes) which allows users to adjust the program so that the dish may cook to the desired consistency.

MULTICOOK – a program that allows users to alter the time and temperature.

PILAF – recommended for making different types of pilaf.

STEAM – recommended for steaming vegetables, fish, meat, Manti, dietary, vegetarian and children’s dishes.

SOUP – recommended for cooking a variety of soups (chunky, bisque, creamy, etc.), broths and drinks.

PASTA – recommended for cooking ideal pasta.

OATMEAL – recommended for cooking oatmeal in milk.

STEW – recommended for stewing vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood.

BAKE – recommended for baking biscuits, cakes, pies and other pastries.

FRY – recommended for frying meat, vegetables, poultry and seafood.

YOGURT – recommended for making homemade yogurt.

BREAD – for baking different types of bread including rye and wheat bread. The program both proofs and bakes bread.

SLOW COOK - for cooking canned meat, fore shank and baked milk.

EXPRESS – for cooking rice and various oatmeal in water.


The RMC-M4510 can also be used to make fondue and baby food. In addition, it can sterilize tableware or baby items and pasteurize homemade preserves.

KEEP WARM Function

Switched on automatically at the end of a program, this function helps keep the food warm. However, we recommend using this function moderately, because prolonged thermal exposure may dry out your meal.

REHEAT Function

Reheat a dish from 70°–75°С and maintain the temperature for up to 24 hours.


The TIME DELAY function allows you to set the program to start at a certain time of day with a delay of up to 24 hours. Simply set the timer to have your meal ready for an early breakfast or by the time you come back from work.


Convenience and ease-of-use

The RMC-M4510 is compact and convenient to use and to transport with its carrying handle. The steam discharge valve and the inner aluminum cover can be easily removed so cleaning is quick and easy.

120 Recipes Cookbook

REDMOND chefs designed this colorfully illustrated book with 120 recipes. All recipes were adapted for cooking in the RMC-M4510. Each recipe has a clear guide on the ingredients, step-by-step instructions and it comes with tips.

This elegant but inexpensive multicooker is powerfully unique for its price range and functionality. The
4510 differs from the 4500 as it comes with the MASTERCHEF LITE function which allows users to create their own programs as well as change the time and temperature in the pre-existing automatic programs. The 4510 has 13 automatic programs so it can easily cook a variety of dishes. It also comes with the 120 Recipes cookbook developed by REDMOND chefs and designed specifically for this model.

General information
Language Russian
Warranty 2 years
Power 700 W
Voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Bowl Capacity 5 L
Bowl Coating non-stick ceramic ANATO® (Korea)
Cooking Technology thermal, without pressure
Suitable bowls RB-A503, RB-C502, RB-S500RB-C505, RB-A501
KEEP WARM Function yes, up to 12 hours
Disable KEEP WARM yes
REHEAT function Yes, up to 12 hours
TIME DELAY function yes, up to 24 hours
MASTERCHEF LITE function Except in the YOGURT program
Cooking programs
Number of programs 40 (13 automatic, 27 manual)
Automatic programs - MULTICOOK
Operation and display
Display LED digital (russian language)
Additional features
Additional features - proof dough
- bake bread
- make yogurt
- make fondue
- pasteurize
- sterilize
- warm-up baby food
- prepare food for preserving
Removable steam valve yes
Removable inner lid yes
Color grey + metallic
Package dimensions 405х310х285 mm
Weight 5.3 kg
Package contents
Package includes - multicooker with inner bowl
- steam tray
- serving spoon
- stir paddle
- measuring cup
- spoon holder
- bowl extracting tongs
- power cord
- user manual
- service & Warranty booklet
- cookbook with 120 recipes (russian language)

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