Multi Cooker & Slow Cooker REDMOND RMC-M90E Premium


The device is installed with an improved version of a versatile program called “MULTI-COOK” which allows adjusting cooking temperature in a wider range.

“MULTI-COOK” can be used for cooking any meal of your choice with your own time and temperature settings. REDMOND RMC-M90E, featuring “MULTI-COOK” will be able to replace a whole range of kitchen appliances. Besides, either an old family recipe or any recipe found online can be now adjusted for your multicooker.

Temperature settings of the program range from 35°C to 170°C.


•    “QUICK COOK” is recommended for quick cooking rice and other grains. 

•    “OATMEAL” can be used for cooking various types of hot cereals using milk. 

•    “STEWING” is for stewing vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood. 

•    “FRYING” program is recommended for frying meat, fish, vegetables, poultry, and seafood. 

•    “SOUP” is used for making various broths, soups (chunky, bisque, cream soups, etc.), compotes, and drinks. 

•    “STEAMING” program can be used for steaming vegetables, meat, fish, dumplings, and baby food. 

•    “PASTA” is recommended for cooking pasta, dumplings, sausages, eggs, etc. 

•    “SLOW COOK” offers a gradual temperature increase which together with a prolonged operating time of the program, allow the products to be cooked in their own juices. “SLOW COOK” will enrich your diet with rich soups and stews, delicious purees, stewed and jellied meat. 

•    “COOKING” is perfect for cooking vegetables and beans. 

•    “BAKING” is a program recommended for baking biscuits, puddings, pies, puff, and yeast pastry. 

•    “GRAIN” is for cooking various side dishes out of grain. 

•    “PILAF” is used for cooking meat, vegetable and seafood dishes with rice. 

•    “YOGURT” is a program used for preparing homemade yogurts. 

•    “PIZZA” program is to make pizza with different toppings. 

•    “BREAD” is for baking white and wheat-rye breads. The program includes the cycle of proofing the dough before it is baked. 

•    “DESSERT” allows making different desserts (jams, meringues, fondants, etc.). 

With the help of this function you can warm up the meal even if it just been taken out of the fridge. 

Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M90E features the function of keeping the meal warm, which is being switched on automatically in the end of a cooking program. However we recommend using this function moderately, because a prolonged thermal exposure may dry out your meal. 

“Time Delay” function allows setting the cooking program to be over by certain time of the day with a delay up to 24 hours. Simply set the timer to have your meal ready by an early breakfast or by the time you come back from work. 

For your convenience, Teflon coated bowl has been replaced with a more expensive and a higher quality one. Ceramic non-stick coating by Anato® (Korea) is scratch-free and has excellent non-stick and thermal conductivity qualities. Your food will not stick, and will fry or stew evenly throughout the whole cooking process. Bowl may be used for product storage out of the device and for preparing meals in the oven. The bowl is dishwasher safe. 

This cookbook comes as a result of a hard and long-term work of the team of REDMOND chefs. All the recipes were adapted for this particular model, all the dishes prepared in RMC-M90E and ingredients bought in a regular grocery store. Each recipe gives a step-by-step instruction on the cooking procedure, time and temperature settings, proportions, and the amount of ingredients used. Besides, the book will introduce you to a big number of cooking tips offered by our chefs to make the process of cooking easier and more fun. 

Enjoy your healthy and delicious meal!

RMC-M90E Premium – is the preferred REDMOND RMC-M90 model in the expanded configuration.

High technologies and futuristic design have organically merged in the latest development of REDMOND engineers - Multicooker RMC-M90E. It is now very simple to manage the cooking process by virtue of the touch panel MOTouch® and multifunction colour LCD display: just a light touch of a finger. You will like the new programs “BREAD” (combining cycles of dough proofing and baking), “SOAKING" (recreating “the effect of the Russian stove”), “PIZZA” and “DESSERTS”. The amateurs will also appreciate the opportunities of the updated program “MULTICHEF”: its temperature range has expanded up to 170°C - you now have 28 options for manual adjustments at your disposal. The bowl with anti-stick ceramic coating ANATO® (Korea) is equipped with safe handles made of temperature-resistant plastic, so now it is even more convenient and safer to take out the hot container of the multicooker.

The set of Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M90E Premium includes also the following essential accessories:

Ham press REDMOND RHP-M02-E, with which you can easily cook the flavorous homemade ham, pork roast, meat rolls and other delicacies.

Yoghurt jars RAM-G1 are ideal for storage of finished dairy product. It is easy to write the date of yoghurt cooking by means of disc marker.

Universal silicon lid REDMOND RAM-PLU1-E, which retains heat for a long time inside the container and does not allow flavour to evaporate.

Aerogrill RAG-241-E - device that will allow creating real culinary masterpieces. With aerogrill you will easily bake a cake, cook fish or meat, make a crisp bread. Convective product processing technology ensures perfect result, the dishes can be cooked with a minimal addition of oil, smoothly and quickly.



General information
Language English
Warranty 24 months
Power 1000 W
Voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Bowl Capacity 5 L
Bowl Coating non-stick ceramic ANATO® (Korea)
Cooking Technology thermal, without pressure
Suitable bowls RB-C515RB-C505RB-S500RB-A503RB-C502RB-C512
3D heating yes
Temperature adjustment (MULTI-COOK) from 35° to 170°С (with 5°С intervals)
KEEP WARM Function yes, up to 24 hours
Disable KEEP WARM yes
REHEAT function yes
Temperature adjustment yes
TIME DELAY function yes, up to 24 hours
Time setting recall function yes
Cooking programs
Number of programs 45 programs (17 automatic and 28 programs with manual control)
Automatic programs - MULTICOOK
Operation and display
Display LCD color, with touch control panel (English)
Additional features
Additional features - making bread
- making yogurt
- making fondue
- making cottage cheese
- making cheese
- deep frying
- proving the dough
- pasteurization
- sterilization
- warming up baby food
- preservation
- touch control panel
Removable steam valve yes
Removable inner lid yes
Color black + metallic
Package dimensions 31,5 х 40,5 х 27 cm
Weight 5,8 kg
Package contents
Package includes - multicooker with a removable bowl
- steaming container
- deep fry basket
- measuring cup
- serving spoon
- stirring paddle
- spoon/paddle holder
- power cord
- user manual
- service booklet
- book “200 Recipes”

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