Air grill REDMOND RAG-241-E


Power 700-800 W
Heating element: halogen
Lid dieameter:  22.5 cm
Temperature range: 60–250 °С
Time range: 5–60 min
Power cord length: 1,5 m
Package includes: 

  • CookBook «20 recipes» (English)
  • Metal racks

Warranty: 24 months

Wonderful brown pastry, perfectly done grilled meat, tender fish, poultry with astoundingly even golden brown crust - everything is cooked without oil! Is it possible? With the multipurpose air grill REDMOND RAG-241-E you may forget about extra calories and cholesterol. Convection thermal food processing technology realized in it allows to achieve wonderful results: hot air stream, circulating in working chamber, renders fat from any product (meat, fish, poultry), so that the ready dish is soft and rich. One more advantage of the air grill REDMOND RAG-241-E is its small size. The air grill is combined with a transparent glass lid. Thanks to 22.5 cm diameter you may use any suitable heat-resistant dishware as a working capacity. Besides, REDMOND RAG-241-E will be perfectly suitable for cooking food in multicookers of any brands with 4, 5 and 6 litre capacity. Cook deliciously! Eat healthy with the multipurpose REDMOND air grill!


General information
Warranty 24 months
Power 700–800 W
Voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Cooking Technology convective heating
Temperature range 60 - 250°С
Cooking time adjustment 5 - 60 min
Diameter of lid 22,5 cm
Material of lid hardened glass
Heater type halogen
Type of control mechanical
Special modes - defrost
- self purification
Power cord length 1,5 m
Color black + transparent glass
Package dimensions 280 х 275 х 180 mm
Weight 2.3 kg
Package contents
Package includes - multi-purpose halogen oven
- metal racks
- rack removal tongs
- metal holder
- cookbook “20 Recipes”
- user manual
- service booklet
- silicone expander
- type ring
- silicone mat

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